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Aww: A Woman Was Sent Her Mother's Lost Ring! Mindblowing: 55 ...

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Joyce Wharton lost her parents in a plane crash back in 1959 while they were flying to Washington state.

It took fifteen years for the plane wreckage to be discovered and to allow Joyce to finally properly grieve. She said:

"They went out to the airport and left, but they never arrived in Seattle. So for many many years, we didn't know what had happened."

And now, more than fifty years later, she was mailed the answer to another mystery!

She received a phone call this past Sunday from a logger named Nick Buchanan who not only found her mother's lost ring, but also spent years tracking Joyce down through and the help of his nephew.

And when he finally got a hold of her, she was absolutely stunned! She said:

"He said 'Joyce, I have your mother's ring, and I've been looking for you all these years and I want you to have this.'…My mouth was open. I couldn't believe what I was hearing…it restores your faith in human nature, because there's so many bad things happening. And yet there are good people out there, kind people. People persevere."

Joyce, who lives in New Jersey, believes that the return of her mother's ring from a complete stranger is definitely her Christmas miracle!

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She said:

"To see a ring that the last time I saw this ring, my mother was wearing it 55 years ago, that's my Christmas miracle."

What a wonderful holiday surprise!!

The human kindness in this story is so powerful! Yay!

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