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Electra Sister Kiss Outrage: Blonde Electra Sisters Jazzy And Ruby ...

electra sister kiss outrage

Blonde Electra, a sister duo, who shared a kiss on TV, has caused outrage in the UK. On Sunday night, the X Factor finale took place, 16 contestants performed, Ben Haenow beat Fleur East to take home the title, but all everyone is talking about is the surprising kiss shared by sisters, Jazzy and Ruby King.

Contestants such as Jake Quickenden, Jay James, Andrea Faustini, and Stephanie Nala were performing the 1987 hit song “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, when the unexpected sister kiss took place.

The members of Blonde Electra, who were standing next to the judging panel, sang their brief part, held hands and kissed each other on the lips.

Twitter erupted with angry comments; with most people saying that act was nasty/desperate and the sisters should know that they are not Britney Spears nor Madonna. One person said:

“Blonde Electra just kissed, aren’t they sisters, this is so wrong, I want this to be investigated.”

Another person asked:

“WTF, did the sisters of Blonde Electra share a lesbian kiss? was it staged? do they know this is a family show? they must be desperate for ratings. Wow!!”

X Factor‘s creative director, Brian Friedman, was quick to issue a statement explaining that they understand that people are outraged by what they saw.

He went on to add that the show was not aware that the Blonde Electra sisters had plans to share the kiss during the last performance, but the pair did announce their intention few weeks ago. Friedman said:

“It was something they wanted to do back on the show if they were to make it to the second week of lives.We didn’t know it was going to happen tonight, they threw it in there, you know, it’s who they are, a bit controversial…”

Many of the contestants were as surprised as the viewers by the kiss. Jazzy and Ruby King find the hoopla surrounding their kiss to be quite amusing. Ruby said on Monday:

“Sometimes you need to do the unthinkable to make a change.”

Is the Blonde Electra’s sister kiss outrage justified?

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