Thursday, December 4, 2014

Firefighter's 6-Year-Old Daughter Saves Her ENTIRE Family From A ...

Little Victoria Pierro was an unlikely hero when her family's home caught fire!

This just goes to show that heroes really DO come in all shapes and sizes!

Little 6-year-old Victoria Pierro from Swampscott, Massachusetts was awaken early Tuesday morning when she noticed the fan in her room had suddenly stopped working, so she went downstairs to alert her mother!

But when Lori Pierro woke up, she realized the fan was the least of their worries as she quickly saw that their detached garage was on fire and the flames were quickly spreading to the house!

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The frightened mother recounted the scary incident, saying:

"I looked up and the kitchen was lit up. The house inside wasn't on fire yet, but I could see the glow through the door… and I just grabbed [Victoria]. We ran upstairs, got my sons and my husband and just ran and screamed, 'Fire! Fire! Fire!'"

Luckily, the entire family was able to escape unharmed, but unfortunately they lost their home, their new car, and all of their belongings.

Lori's husband Anthony Pierro, a local firefighter, says they escaped with only seconds left to spare, and that they were lucky Victoria was awake at the right time!

Thank goodness everyone is OK!!

[Image via Facebook.]

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