Friday, December 5, 2014

Rapper Beanie Sigel SHOT in the Stomach After Physical ...

SHOT in the Stomach

After Physical Altercation ... Cops Say

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Beanie Sigel ShotRapper Beanie Sigel was rushed to a local hospital Friday morning in New Jersey after he was shot in the stomach ... and cops believe there was a scuffle before he got capped.

Pleasantville PD officials say they responded to a shooting around 10AM and discovered Sigel on-scene ... but he was NOT unconscious.

We're told the rapper was immediately taken to a local hospital and rushed into surgery.

Cops believe there was a physical altercation before the shooting ... but they don't know if the other man on scene was involved, or just a witness -- since he's refusing to talk.

Police are waiting to interview Beanie for more info ... so as of now, there are no suspects.


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