Thursday, December 11, 2014

Undercover Gun Protesters: Cop Pulls Gun On Oakland Protesters ...

undercover gun protesters

An undercover cop pulled a gun on protesters, who were marching in Oakland, California on Wednesday night. According to reports, about 150 to 200 people (the night before there were at least 1,500 demonstrators), were marching to Oakland City Hall under the pouring rain.

The protesters, who are outraged about the failure to indict the police officers, who killed Eric Garner and Michael Brown, carried signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands Up Dont Shoot.”

At some point, a protester whose name is Dylan, exposed one of the undercover police officers by pulling down the bandanna he had covering his face.

The group of people decided to throw rocks at the undercover cop, which prompted him to pull out his gun. The undercover cop got into a fight with an unknown number of the protesters.

At least two African-American males were handcuffed by the law enforcer after the brawl. Dylan angrily explained:

“I’m a white man and I pulled his bandanna and he does nothing to me, but punched and arrested the black men who were nearby.”

Another protester added:

“I’ve seen undercovers confronted lots of times, but usually leave march not pull gun. This guy was 6’8″ and had 75+ cops 30 yards behind him.”

Lieutenant Christopher Bolton of the Oakland Police Department confirmed that there were undercover protesters at the gathering and explained that they are from another agency. He tweeted:

“The #OaklandProtest pictured man isn’t an OPD officer & not an OPD arrest. OPD 1st responded to scene on report from other agency. That outside agency has been notified to provide details and address concerns .As you know, I’m not the PIO & I have worked to figure this out & provide as much info possible. Should be clearer in the AM.”

Around the same time the undercover cop was pulling his gun on protesters, Anonymous was hacking and leaking information from the Oakland Police Department’s website.

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