Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fire Engulfs Popular Smokey And Bunty Bar in St. James. | Power ...

Smokey and Bunty is on fire.

Smokey and Bunty is on fire.

A fire is this afternoon blazing at the popular Smokey and Bunty  bar in St. James.

According to reports from fire officials at the Wrightson Road headquarters, a troubled call was received shortly after 5pm, and officers were told that the blaze started along the Western Main Road in St. James, in the vicinity of Bobby’s Bar.

Fire appliances from the fire headquarters along with Four Roads, Diego Martin appliances responded are said to be on location at this time.

Up to newstime, fire officials were unable to ascertain the cause of the blaze or the extent of the damage.

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Reporter: Denis James

Writer- Aba A Luke


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