Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lamar Odom Denies Reports He Harassed Ex-wife Khloe ... - Datzhott

Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband has dismissed reports suggesting he confronted his former wife outside a Los Angeles gym on Wednesday morning, insisting the photo capturing the encounter is not what it seems.
Reports suggest basketball star Lamar Odom “ambushed” Kardashian outside her early morning work-out class in Beverly Hills, but he denies claims the former couple engaged in a nasty war or words in the street.
A source told Odom began shouting at Kardashian and demanded she speak to him, and then followed her to her car as she walked silently away.
The bystander, believed to be the same person who snapped the shot of Odom arriving at the gym, claims someone offered to call the police but Kardashian insisted that wouldn’t be necessary and eventually got in her car and drove off.
Odom has now addressed the drama, insisting the meeting was pre-arranged.
He says, “I’m not the person they’re trying to make me out to be. Did I just guess right… where this girl may be?
“Nobody got followed. Nobody got hassled, nobody got harassed, nobody got grabbed on. None of that.”
Kardashian and Odom filed the final paperwork for their divorce last month. Kim Kardashian’s sister filed for divorce from Odom in December, 2013.

Source:: WENN – Blog

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