Thursday, August 27, 2015

Nick Gordon Was Paid $40k For The Bobbi Kristina Graveside ...

nick gordon

Yesterday, we saw photos of Nick Gordon breaking down at the graveside of Bobbi Kristina Brown on the cover of National Enquirer. Turns out he was paid handsomely for it. Page Six reports below…

“Grieving” Nick Gordon – who was banned from girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown’s funeral by her dad, Bobby Brown, and is facing a wrongful-death suit in her catastrophic passing — was paid $40,000 for photos and video of his so-called “secret pilgrimage” to her grave, sources exclusively tell Page Six.

But the money, we hear, is going to his “legal defense fund” because Nick is “broke” and needs the funds to pay his top legal team, which includes Casey Anthony’s lawyer Jose Baez.


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