Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Austin Matelson Dumped by Liz Nolan ...

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Austin Matelson Dumped by Liz Nolan - Loses Game, BB17 Showmance and Real Girlfriend Jen!

“Big Brother 17” spoilers revealed that Austin Matelson was evicted from the house on September 15. He was blindsided by his closest ally in the game – Vanessa Rousso. He was so positive he was staying in the game that he didn’t wear shoes to the eviction ceremony. He walked out of the house, barefooted yelling to Vanessa that she would never win the game. He screamed, “You are playing for second place.” She agreed with him, as he walked out of the house.

He was blindsided by the eviction. He felt like he had won the game and played a much better- and cleaner game than Vanessa. Austin said, “She scum bagged me.” And, his biggest concern was how Liz will do in the house without him to ‘protect’ her in the game. Maybe, Austin was playing a different game than “BB17.” Fans never saw him dominate many challenges. It could be argued that Liz protected him most of the game.

Early in the game, Austin told Jace that he cannot comment if Liz was attractive. “I have a girlfriend back home that I am in love with. I am not here for a showmance,” Austin touted. So what happened to the ‘no showmance’ rule? And, where does he stand with his girlfriend back home, Jen? She was briefly mentioned in one of his HOH family letters. The letter read, “Jen sends her love.” Well apparently Jen broke up with Austin and posted a very public hate letter about it as well!


Austin claims he feels terrible that he cheated on and hurt his ex-girlfriend by falling in love with Liz. He said it wasn’t his intention of hurting anyone. He explained their relationship had been in a rocky place for some time, and he knew coming on the reality TV show would probably destroy their bond. Even so, he agreed to come on the show.

Liz stated early on, that she was only friends with Austin. At one point, she told her sister, Julia that Austin smelled weird and was clingy. Vanessa encouraged her to tell Austin that she didn’t feel an attraction to him. Then, she said he grew on her, and she started falling in love with him. Is it possible that it was all an act?

On September 15, Liz told Johnny Mac that she was in a long-distance relationship with some from Miami when she lived in New Orleans for a short time. She explained it was a difficult experience. John said, “So what about Austin- how will you deal with the distance?” Liz sighed, “I don’t Knowahhhh!” Is it possible she was just using him to further her game? It sure appears that way right now. Yes, Liz seems to have dumped Mr. Austin Matelson!

Austin lost everything in this game – his girlfriend, his showmance, and the half-million dollars. He gave up $500,000 for a love that may not exist. Austin told Liz a few weeks ago, “I ruined my life for you.” Perhaps, that was the most honest statement he ever spoke inside the house. CDL’er, tell us what you think, was Liz leading him on all season? Is it possible she really loves him? Don’t forget to come back to read more juicy “Big Brother 17” spoilers, recaps, and updates.


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