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Sergeant William Bolt Landlord: Mean Landlord Bans Soldier From ...

sergeant william bolt landlord

The Sergeant William Bolt landlord battle has gone viral. After being away for 6 months, Army Sgt. William Bolt has returned home to be with his wife, Lily, and their newborn baby.

Sergeant William Bolt, who was stationed in Missouri, was hoping to spend a quiet Christmas with his family, but a mean landlord is turning the holidays into a nightmare.

Lily Bolt, who welcomed a baby girl two weeks ago, is living in The Groves in Central, South Carolina while she attends Clemson University.

The landlord whose first name is Chuck, claimed that Sergeant William Bolt is not allowed to stay at his wife’s apartment more than one week because his name is not on the lease.

Chuck talked to local media saying that Sergeant Bolt would be breaking the terms of his wife’s lease by staying longer. The landlord has threatened to get Sergeant William Bolt arrested and have him charged with trespassing, or have Lily Bolt’s rent raised.

He might even have her evicted if her husband does not leave that apartment complex in seven days. Sergeant William Bolt explained:

“He stated to me that he didn’t care about our situation.He didn’t care about me being in the military.”

According to the landlord, the seven-day rule applies to all of his tenants and; therefore, he can not make an exception for William Bolt, even though he is an Army Sergent who has a two-week-old baby.

The landlord believes if he bends the rules for a soldier, he might have to do it for another tenant. Legal experts have looked at Mrs Bolt contract and stated that there is not much room for the landlord to have the Sergent arrested, because he is not a visitor, he is her husband.

Below is a report on the Sergeant William Bolt landlord fight. Should the landlord make an exception?

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