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Tim Deegan: Fla. Weatherman Sues Over Photo -

Tim Deegan

According to Examiner, Tim Deegan was not thrilled by the fact that a service provider decided to use his 2013 mugshot in a story about a man, who held three women captives as sex slaves, and has decided to sue them.

Tim Deegan, who is the chief meteorologist for First Coast News, is asking Nexstar Broadcasting Inc, the parent group of Inergize Digital for $75,000 in damages.

In June, Action News‘ website ran a story with the title “Florida man kept three women as sex slaves, police say.” Next to the headline was the picture of the 55-year-old television personality.

The article went on to detail the horrible acts committed by Mr Tim Deegan. While the story was accurate, the man in question was really an accountant from Gainseville whose name also happens to be Tim Deegan.

Action News news director Robert Longo claimed that they obtained the photo by news provider Nexstar Broadcasting Inc and said in a statement:

“We published the wrong photo, but we did so in good faith and without negligence, express malice or actual malice.”

Longo added:

“Someone at Inergize searched a database and saw Jacksonville’s Deegan’s photo and attached it to the unrelated story.”

But Tim Deegan is not buying it. Deegan is demanding the hefty payout because he suffered financial loss, personal humiliation and injury to his reputation.

Deegan’s attorney, Scott Sheftall, explained that his client contacted the company twice for a retraction. Sheftall added:

“This is an important matter to Tim Deegan and his family and we are entrusting the outcome of it to the court.”

On November 3rd, 2013, Tim Deegan was arrested on a drunk driving charge in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Tim Deegan was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or chemical substance.

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