Monday, April 27, 2015

Kanye West Could be the Transgender Hero! | JOURNALICIOUS!

Kanye West Could be the Transgender Hero!

Are we supposed to say good job Kanye?

Bruce Jenner says Kanye West is his hero, because he helped Kim Kardashian accept her stepdad’s transition into a woman. As Jenner told Diane Sawyer … Kanye lead Kim to a breakthrough by telling her everyone has to be true to themselves.

But now, after some scrutiny, Kanye is trying to justify what was said about him on Bruce’s 20/20 interview.

According to TMZ,

“Sources tell us Kanye was referring to how music execs made him feel about his identity in the rap game.

We’re told Kanye felt like he stood out when his career was taking off — he was a rapper who also had strong interests in other fields, such as fashion. But he felt like the honchos ignored his true identity, and were constantly trying to mold him into someone they could market better.”


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