Friday, September 18, 2015

Delete Your SnapChat: Kylie And Khloe Release A Series Of ...

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Kylie Jenner and her big sister are currently getting the BUSINESS on social media over a series of SnapChat videos.

On Thursday Kylie a.k.a Kylizzle My Nizzle on the app, posted a video of Khloe trying to shake her “natural” cakes…

and added in one of them “twerking” together.

The sisters have since been relentlessly roasted by fans.

Khloe should really consider not twerking anymore 😢 it’s looking really bad

— French (@SuperSupreme_) September 18, 2015

Can I please have the last 45 seconds of my life back that was spent watching Kylie & Khloe twerk to Anaconda on Kylie’s Snapchat Story?

— Patrick LeBeau (@PatrickLeBeau94) September 17, 2015

Kylie can’t twerk. Khloe can’t twerk. Kendall has nothing to twerk with. The only one who can is @KimKardashian.

— Eliana☽ ❀ (@Arizonatearss) September 17, 2015

Kim Kardashian can twerk??? Where?!

What do YOU think about the Kylie/Khloe twerking slander???

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